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Wifac International is closed on Friday May 11

The day after Ascension Day, coming Friday May 11, our sales office and warehouse are closed.

Ink program

Wifac International is a one-stop provider for quality-conscious printing supplies. Within the printing supplies range, ink is one of the key parameters in the printing process. Wifac International is working closely together with the most renowned ink-producers in the world and a complete portfolio of inks for every requirement is the result of this cooperation.

Wifac International distributes IBF offset plates...

IBF, Indústria Brasileira de Filmes, is the largest producer of printing plates in Brazil and Latin America. IBF's philosophy is characterized by a continuous focus on ecology, sustainability and user-friendliness. The Rio de Janeiro based company and Wifac International will closely work together as Wifac International - as a European hub - will distribute IBF’s plate portfolio to the European international market.

Wilco invests in four folding systems

Wilco, the largest book printing firm in the Netherlands, invested in four MBO Monza folding systems at Wifac. Each Monza comprises a K8RS combi folding machine and an A10 log stacker delivery system. Each of these configurations processes more than 14,000 sheets gross to 32-side signatures per hour.

Expansion of the Wifac International Team

Because of the growth of our dealer network and the successful sales of our (private label) consumables, the Wifac International Team has expanded.

Wifac expands its product portfolio with the Prem...

Eighteen months ago Wifac introduced its Premium T thermal printing plate. In the mean time this A-brand plate has been sold all over Europe and printers are successfully producing with it. Now it is time for Wifac to expand its product portfolio and take it to the next level by introducing the Premium UV CTcP plate.
...Our customer Sigit in Prague: we as well as our customers are satisfied with the quality, such as stability and press behaviour, of the Wifac Star Premium UPC Plus plates. ...
Milos Pechac
Valido Pre-press, Prague
...With CTCP in combination with Wifac Star Premium TUV plates we became more competitive and consequently, our business expanded. ...
Jirí Winter
Studio Winter, Prague
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