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A-Brand thermal plate at Chinese prices!

Eighteen months ago, Wifac introduced its brand new Premium T thermal plate. Today it is distinct: this product has proven itself. Customers all over Europe are successfully working with the Premium T plate. Competitive pricing together with proven and stable quality enables Wifac’s customers to persuade printers to switch to the Premium T. We would like to tell you more about this product.

Set up time cut by half, waste rate brought down

How do you improve your printing process? How do you lower your costs? How do you train your operators in a company that produces 24/7? Rick Franko from EXAL asked Cees Hoogeboom from Wifac in The Netherlands to give a basic training. “A job well done.”

Sales of the Premium-T thermal plate keeps on gro...

Since the introduction of the Premium-T plate, sales of this product is gradually growing. All customers that have tested the plate came back with a very positive reaction and directly started ordering this plate.

Wifac Star Premium-T: the best successor of the T...

Much to our regret we have to inform you that Agfa has forbidden Wifac through a legal letter, to continue supplying the Wifac xtreme Positive Thermal UV Ink Resistant Plate (TUC).

Wifac Star Premium-T: already a succes!

Barely two weeks after the introduction of the Wifac Star Collection Premium-T, this plate is already a success. The first customers tested the plate and were very pleased with the results.

New thermal plate: Wifac Star Premium-T

Wifac International, part of the Wifac Group (NL), has spent quite some time searching for a suitable product which can expand the thermal plate product portfolio.
...Except for the favourable price, the premium is that we can use the existing Rip of the film-imager, conventional offset plates and our plate processor. ...
Studio Bertini
Greater Milan area
...With CTCP in combination with Wifac Star Premium TUV plates we became more competitive and consequently, our business expanded. ...
Jirí Winter
Studio Winter, Prague
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