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Additional to the Xtreme Offset Plate program, Wifac International offers Xtreme chemicals and gum for digital plates. The chemistry is ready-to-use or a concentrate and can be used as Developer/Replenisher or as a separate Replenisher additive. The following plate chemicals can be supplied:

  • Xtreme thermal developer
  • Xtreme Thermal gum
  • Xtreme Backing gum
  • Xtreme Processor cleaner

For the press room Wifac International offers dampening solution additives (Star Fount) for printing without alcohol. These additives are available for various applications, such as IPA, 0%, alcohol-free printing, max. 5% alcohol-reduced printing and the conventional additives, max. 8% IPA.

For manual and automatic press cleaning installations Wifac International offers detergents (Star Wash) that fi in with CSR. Star Wash is a K3 class detergent with a flash point of 55 degrees Celsius. This detergent meets strict environmental requirements and therefore fits in very well with the CSR strategy.

...We are very pleased with the Tower Millennium fount on our UV and conventional presses. Better stability and drying are for us the big advantages...
René Rapmund
Mouthaan Grafisch Bedrijf (NL)
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