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DuPont Cromalin B-series

DuPont Cromalin B-series

DuPontTM Cromalin® b2 and Cromalin® b3

The logical development of the Cromalin® Digital series Cromalin® b2/b3 are the newest systems in the Cromalin® Digital series in B2 and B3 format. Devised for users who think in terms of the future and place an emphasis on the quality, speed and dependability of digital proofs in contract quality. Cromalin® b2/b3 is a hi-tech solution that in addition to the highest possible level of reliability will give you maximum system performance.

Productive and consistent digital contract proofing
Cromalin® b2/b3 - the perfect combination of time savings, quality and dependability.

Time is becoming a scarce commodity in the printing process. Added to that, from year to year more jobs are being printed in colour and demands on quality are constantly increasing. Agencies, repro shops, printers and customers are under deadline pressure when they coordinate their colour values. That's why perfect quality management - i.e. reliable and binding communication of colour - is absolutely essential. Clear, objective colour matching must replace subjective colour assessment.

Digital contract proofing with Cromalin® b3 is the common and binding language for all involved in the printing process. It reliably eliminates misunderstandings and unwelcome surprises - even with special colours. You and your customers profit from consistency and print predictability. And that reassuring feeling of working with tried and tested Cromalin® technology is surely priceless.

The win-win solution for you and your customers
You deliver what your customers expect with Cromalin® bseries. With perfect quality management you preclude the possibility of awkward customer complaints right from the beginning. Your customers get printing results as agreed, regardless of whether it's new proofs or reprints. You and your customers save time, money and nerves: because you can always rely on Cromalin®. With Cromalin® b2/b3 you guarantee the success of your customers - and thus your own.

DuPontTM Cromalin® bseries - all the benefits of contract proofs at a glance:

  • Highest reproduction fidelity: for all colour values based on the CromalinR Eurostandard. Even special colours are reproduced with absolute reliability. Objective colour matching means that print results will be predictable and verifiable.
  • Absolute reproducibility: each new proof is a match of the originally agreed result - even if output on different CromalinR b2/b3 proofers.
  • Synchronised system: hardware, software, pigment and paper all come from one source and work in perfect harmony. Even the printing stock shade can be simulated.
  • Fast, simple handling: CromalinR b2/b3 efficiently accommodates your production workflow. And CromalinR service as always is available when you need it.
  • Inline calibration: the unique inline calibration system is built in the CromalinR b2 and CromalinR b3 to assure colour accuracy from proof to proof and proofer to proofer. This fully automated innovation eliminates the time consuming manual handling.

Perfect interplay of all components
With Cromalin® b2/b3 DuPont - the world's largest supplier of digital proofing system solutions - has achieved a meticulous interplay of all components required in the proofing process. Cromalin® b2/b3 combines in a single system all the features that turn a proof into a digital contract proof:

  • System solution: Hardware, software, pigment and paper are supplied by DuPont and act in perfect harmony. They constitute the basis for reliable colour management.
  • Compatibility: Cromalin® b2/b3 is easily integrated into existing Cromalin® systems using CromaNETTM colour management software.
  • Standardisation: Newly developed Cromalin® bseries digital technology, Eurostandard and coordinated consumables form the basis for dependable, fast results.
  • Inline calibration: built in photo-spectrometer for fully automatised calibration process.

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