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DuPont Cromalin Blue

DuPont Cromalin Blue


The Complete Proofing Solution
DuPontTM Cromalin® blue and b-series are the first and only inkjet proofing systems that can automatically keep themselves calibrated. A robotic calibration
module on the inkjet's print head includes a specially configured Gretag "Eye-One®" spectrophotometer that feeds data to the DuPontTM CromanetTM proof server. As a proof is printed, the calibration module verifies that the printer is operating at a consistent and known level of performance so that the ink and media profiles used to create the proof will remain accurate. This automated calibration eliminates most of the variables that can be caused by manual calibration, such as speed, pressure and human error. Proofs are printed on DuPont standardized proofing media that are automatically fed into the printer and imaged on a rotating drum. To provide consistent ink spots and even gray balance with minimal electronic interlacing, the Cromalin® blue proofs are built up line by line at an optical resolution of 1500 dpi. The Cromalin® blue-series package includes a dedicated Windows®-based proof server, the blue-series proof engine, the CromanetTM RIP (Adobe® PostScript® 3 interpreter), and DuPont proofing inks and media. It also supports almost any industry standard.

"The ideal colour workflow"
The new digital proofing solution Cromalin® blue has been developed to meet growing requirements for increased production speeds and cost-efficiency from a premium quality proofing system.

Driven by DuPontTM CromanetTM colour management software, the new Cromalin® blue series of inkjet proofing systems produces premium contract-quality proofs using DuPontTM ink and specialty proofing media. The total package has been designed specifically to address the needs of the high-end proofing market, where repeatable quality is paramount and non-negotiable.

"Quality without control is not quality"
The Cromalin® blue series is equipped with an in-line calibration to ensure that the expect quality is consistently delivered, even when environmental operating conditions change. In the case of just such a change, the Cromalin® blue system automatically re-calibrates itself to maintain the consistent quality of output, while also protecting the customer from unnecessary expense through lost production time and wasted materials.

Complementing the auto-calibration feature, the Cromalin® blue series is compatible with DuPont's proprietary quality control technology, iCertificationTM. Through iCertificationTM proof output consistency is ensured, remotely across multiple production sites, to a very narrow tolerance Delta E <1. This capability, already used by a wide variety of companies, is a quality guarantee for the print buyer as well as an ideal tool for pre-press and printing companies to monitor production processes and efficiency. ...

New Print Head
The new print heads generate highly consistent spot size, giving smooth tonal gradation and pinsharp images.

Benefit: Optimum resolution at high speed.

Optimal Paper
DuPontTM polymer swellable papers ensure maximum stability of image by encapsulating liquid dyes within their top coating. The ink spots pass through the
layer, and when dry, are protected from the harmful and fading effects of UV light and oxidation.

Benefit: Long-life colour accuracy, suitable for repeat jobs.

The iCertificationTM option is the DuPont certification tool for very tight tolerance of Delta E <1. This is the prerequisite for reliable remote proofing.

Benefit: Quality guarantee for print buyers and monitoring production tool.

The Complete Proofing Solution
All the DuPont elements: CromanetTM (software), output engine, inks and substrates are tuned to match almost any standard of the printing industry.

Benefit: Flexibility with colour integrity.

Automatic Calibration
Auto Calibration with an on-board spectrophotometer measures a colour chart once it is printed. The colour chart contains 328 colour patches, including extras for establishing accurate grey balance. In addition to the accuracy delivered by having an online spectrophotometer, the new feature reduces calibration

Benefit: Consistency, accuracy and time saving.

External Drum Accuracy
External drum imaging delivers the same accuracy as the plate setter and press that will be used to produce the final job. This provides better registration than the x-y plotting technology used in standard desktop printers adapted for proofing.

Benefit: Machine-to-machine, proof-to-proof accuracy and repeatability.

Optimal Ink
Cromalin® blue series proofing systems use eight dyebased inks to give the widest colour gamut and the best grey balance ensuring accurate reproduction of CMYK as well as Pantone® colours. The inks use an alcohol solvent to improve flow through the nozzles and to help penetrate the polymer coating of the paper.

Benefit: Highest colour gamut for optimum colour fidelity.

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