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Identifying and analyzing potential for improvement in the printing process. These bottlenecks / improvement potential can be found in terms of logistics, quality and productivity. 

During one day, a specialist of Wifac makes an inventory / analysis. To make the work of our specialists during that day as effective as possible, we need a contact in the printing process to be available to answer questions and to make sure that our specialists can move in your company where it's necessary. Based on the findings, a report will be made ​​with recommendations and this report will be presented to you.

This quick scan will include the following topics / inventories: 

  • Failure costs registration
  • Logistics for the press
  • Inserts rate
  • Set times
  • CIP3 data processing
  • Knowledge level printers 

Depending on your specific requirements, we select subjects that need closer inspection. 

The costs of this day amounts, including reporting but without travel expenses,
€ 1.175,00

If you decide after the report to order a further training / coaching plan from Wifac, we will credit 50% of the quick scan costs. 

Wifac integrates high quality products and services from leading and innovative suppliers to a powerful workflow, making your production time-efficient, of high quality and predictable. Our specialists can carry this out by implementations and training/coaching of your employees.



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