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Wifac Star Meteor blanket


Wifac Star Meteor blanket

Wifac Star Meteor Blanket is a 3PLY stable and high quality blanket for high speed printing and instant rebound.

The blanket has a special compressible layer with excellent compression resistance, dot transfer and solid print. The fine buffed surface guarantees an excellent paper release.

Meteor is a rubber blanket carefully chosen by //wifac for its quality and price. At our rubber blanket department, we are able to cut rubber blankets to any size. We fit all Meteor blankets with frames for virtually any type and brand of press.

Meteor is a universal quick-rebound rubber blanket especially designed for implementation on large and small format sheet-fed offset presses. The favourable price/quality ratio makes Meteor particularly attractive for printers who wish to use a good quality blanket at a lower cost.

Meteor is constructed from a low-stretch carcass, combined with three textile layers and a special compressible foam layer. The rubber top layer of Meteor has a high mechanical and chemical abrasion resistance.

Blankets are delivered ready for use on the press or in bulk rolls.

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