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Workflow/prod. proces analysis

Workflow/prod. process analysis

Workflow/prod. proces analysis

We thoroughly analyse your production process (hidden) wastage, identify the problems and advise how to solve them. 

The Wifac Competence Centre carries out these analyses for the entire graphic production, but also for all processes, such as file management, prepress, proofing, color management, printing, finishing, tablet publishing, etc. It is not only the graphic production that is looked after, but also the logistics and, if desired, also the link with administrative systems. 

Wifac Competence Centre focuses its solutions and expertise in managing the workflow as efficiently as possible. By using proper software and hardware tools together with a good organization it is possible to accomplish large (time)savings and increase productivity (do more work with less people). 

A well tuned workflow gives you the opportunity to work faster, more effectively with a higher predictable quality. The Wifac Competence Center optimizes your business and gives you insight into the status of orders, progress and presents links between administrative and production systems. 

Information is the key in a workflow system. Where formerly one often had a good overview of where the information was, it is now more difficult. The main purpose of an automated workflow is that the right activities at the right time by the right person are done. 

The pursuit of a single company-wide workflow system is often an utopia. Linking different systems using the specialists of WCC is the most practical and affordable solution. With at the end: 

  • Higher productivity
  • Greater reliability
  • Time savings
  • Lower cost
  • Steady and high quality


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